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It is important to us that our Nominating and Voting Committees are able to play each Entrant's game, as that experience cannot be replaced with a description or video of gameplay. This link will be used for internal purposes only and will not be made public whatsoever. A download link or a link to direct gameplay will suffice.
Rising pixel award nomination
Recognizes an individual game developer and/or leader on the rise for their talent and a commitment to growing and fostering their local gaming community.
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game changer award nomination
Recognizes a world-renowned individual (game developer and/or industry professional) who has elevated the art, culture and industry of games to bold new heights through their work.
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Our annual Game Changer Award goes to a developer in the industry who has been a trailblazer for games as a medium, a business and/or community. Let us know who inspires you the most!
The Bit Awards are a celebration of developers like you! Let us know what you'd like out of the show itself - its production, categories, attendees, etc. - so we can continue to make it bigger and better than before!
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