From hundreds of eligible games and thousands of eligible individuals,
these are your nominees and winners for The 3rd Annual Bit Awards.
Winners were announced live on February 1st in New York City.

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Best overall game developed for PC, web, home console(s) or arcade.
Recognizing a game that delivers the absolute best experience across mobile platforms.
Recognizing a game that delivers the absolute best tabletop experience, including card and board games.
Recognizing achievement in game audio and/or visuals.
Recognizing a game that delivers the absolute best experience in augmented, virtual or mixed reality.
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Recognizing a game created primarily by students as part of an educational program.
Team Anyball (NYU Game Center)
Flight Simulator
Hosni Auji (NYU Game Center)
Into the Dark: Narakan
Orc Punk (Playcrafting)
King of the Hat
Business Corp. Inc. (Dawson College)
Roll Control
Andrew Simon Thomas (Playcrafting)
Seasons (季节)
David Su & Dominique Star (MIT)
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Voting will close at 8pm ET on Friday, February 1st.
Recognizing developers and leaders on the rise for their talent and a commitment to growing and fostering their local community. One each is given for San Francisco, New York and Boston.
Sam Eng is a Unity3D developer and long-time Playcrafting instructor. In 2018, Sam released the acclaimed hit game Zarvot on the Nintendo Switch. He is also the lead developer on AVARIAvs (, a lightning fast turn-based RPG due for release in 2019. Sam's commitment to his own craft as well as nurturing the talent of those around him makes him a community leader in New York and for developers the world over.
Caroline Murphy is a game designer, producer, and community organizer that lives and works in the Greater Boston Area. She received her MBA from Babson in 2011, and has passionately focused on building games and game communities. She is co-founder and CEO of BostonFIG, a non-profit organization that dedicates itself to cultivating the next generation of game creators. BostonFIG's annual flagship event, BostonFIG Fest, now in its 8th year, draws an audience of nearly 5000 attendees. Caroline also acts as Chief Creative Officer of Incantrix Productions, a game company that specializes in interactive theater events. She teaches in the graduate games science program at Northeastern University, co-manages the Boston Indies community group, is on the Board of Directors for Be Epic, and sits on the game review committees for AIAS and Intercon.
Don Bellenger is a lifelong creative who works out of Oakland, CA, where he lives with his wife and daughter.
He is the lead developer of Black Future '88, coming soon to multiple platforms. A staple of the Bay Area community, Don leads both through the example of his work and his commitment to helping inspire and connect his fellow game developers.
The Game Changer Award honors a world-renowned game developer or professional who has elevated the art, culture and industry of games to bold new heights.

As the Executive Director of the IGDA and IGDA Foundation, Jen MacLean works to build a more inclusive game development community and support game developers around the world in achieving sustainable, fulfilling careers.  

Jen began her career as a playtester at Microprose Software, working on legendary games including Civilization, Civilization 2, and Civ Net, as well as Master of Orion, Darklands, Colonization, and Master of Magic.  She moved to AOL as online games began to take off, leading Product Management for Air Warrior, Legends of Kesmai, NTN Trivia, and many other popular titles.  Following AOL, Jen led sports, entertainment, and games for Comcast's online services, establishing Comcast's core and casual gaming offerings and partnerships with major publishers and developers including EA and Xbox.  

After Comcast, Jen returned to hands-on game development at 38 Studios and StoryArc Media, eventually channeling her career-long focus on giving back to the community as the IGDA Foundation's first Executive Director and the Executive Director of the IGDA.  She was named one of the “Game Industry’s 100 Most Influential Women” by Next Generation, one of the “Top 20 Women in Games” by Gamasutra, and is a frequently-requested speaker at interactive entertainment industry events.

PC/Console, Mobile, Tabletop, Style, XR and Student

Games must have shown at a Playcrafting event in New York, Boston and/or San Francisco in 2018 to be eligible for nomination. Developers are asked to then submit an additional form and video to be considered.
Developers, industry professionals and press from within the Playcrafting community that have been instructors, TAs, speakers and/or advisors in 2018 then vote individually to choose nominations from the submissions. A team of developers, industry professionals and press from outside the Playcrafting community then choose winners from the nominees. In the interest of fairness, Playcrafting staff are not permitted to vote at any step of the process and cannot be present for the meeting to determine winners. Developers are prohibited from voting on projects they were directly involved with.

Rising Pixel and Game Changer Honoree

Chosen by the Playcrafting community.

Player's Choice

Any game released in 2018 is eligible, regardless of participation in Playcrafting events. The general public submits nominee suggestions online. Nominations are chosen from those submissions and the winner is selected by public popular vote.