Details on The 3rd Annual Bit Awards will be announced soon!



Last Year's Game Changer Honoree: Warren Spector

Warren Spector has been making games for over 30 years. He is best known for his work as the creator of Deus Ex and Epic Mickey, as well has his work on Thief and the original System Shock. He began in 1983 in tabletop games, with Steve Jackson Games and TSR, and over the decades moved into digital games working at Origin, Electronic Arts, Looking Glass, Ion Storm and Junction Point Studios. Warren has received numerous accolades for pioneering a genre that allows for more player agency and emergent storytelling.

Mr. Spector joined us live onstage, alongside a special musical tribute to his work.

2016 bit awards photos

Personal. Playable. Unexpected.

The Bit Awards celebrates the year in games and the people behind them. Custom trophies are handed out to games on the rise and one Game Changer Honoree known worldwide for his or her commitment to games as an art and industry. It's a playable awards production like no other featuring segments that transform the theater into an interactive game for all attendees and includes live performances and surprises.

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    Last year's show handed out 8 awards in an action-packed onstage production for 500 developers, press and players.
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your host: Ruffin Prentis

With recurring roles on hit TV shows like Elementary, Power and Madam Secretary, Ruffin Prentiss is no stranger to the stage. But it's his starring role as the face and voice of Marcus Holloway in Watch Dogs 2 that makes him the perfect fit to serve as emcee for this year's show. 

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With playable games onsite, plus an interactive ceremony like no other, you'll want to come out for the awards if you can make it in person!


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the player's Choice award

What started as a Playcrafting's local celebration in 2015 grew to become a nationally-recognized production in 2016. In 2017, The Bit Awards went global. The whole show was streamed on Twitch for players and creators the world over to take part.

Players voted The Ultimate Clapback the 2017 Player's Choice Winner!

The awards

Each year, awards are given to games in recognition of their technical and creative achievement. The big trophies of the night go to individual developers - one known worldwide and others on the rise. The 2017 nominees will be revealed soon.

  • Game Changer Honoree
    Awarded to one trailblazer for his or her contribution to the medium and culture of games. The 2016 honoree was Ted Price, CEO & Founder of Insomniac Games.
  • The Rising Pixel
    Given to an individual developer on the rise in recognition of talent as well as commitment to growing community (one each: NYC, San Francisco, Boston).
  • The Categories
    Categories award games for their achievement in gameplay, style, platform and overall. Games that have shown at a Playcrafting event in 2017 are eligible.

About the Organizer

Playcrafting provides developers new and old with the tools required to get their games off the ground. This is done through approachable hands-on classes that lower the barrier for entry for anyone to get started making games and to empower pros to level up their skills. The organization hosts everything from local gatherings like Expos and Demo & Plays to industry-recognized annual events like Play NYC and the largest Global Game Jam site in the United States. A commitment to community and in-person support has helped elevate Playcrafting to now serve communities across 5 U.S. cities. The organization offers over 200 courses and events annually.

Playcrafting is excited to once again partner with the Parsons School of Design to produce the biggest Bit Awards yet.

At 5,555 square feet, the John L. Tishman Auditorium was the perfect host for The 2017 Bit Awards. Featuring modern bamboo walls, a massive screen and immersive sound, there's no better place to create the most interactive in-person awards night in games.